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Taos, New Mexico, 08 March 2013 — On Friday, March 22, Cid’s Health Food Store hosted a book signing for the 7 Lazy Steps, the latest work from local wise women Granny G and Sue.

7 Lazy Steps is a series of affirmations rooted in ancient knowledge that Granny G and Sue have been working on for thirty years. Over the years, they have found the steps to be incredible self-healing tools that work on both the conscious and subconscious minds. The seven steps challenge us to forgive aspects of our world and ourselves. In doing so, they allow us to move past the hindrances that block much of our lives. The book is not something that you just read and put down; it is a tool that you can access over and over to heal your self. The 7 Lazy Steps helps you go inside and focus on letting go of anger, grief and insecurity in order to receive love, joy and abundance.

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