Gaia's Door

Let me introduce myself I'm Ganny G. I'm a practicing member of the genetic pagan line called the Tuatha de Danaan. We arose from the stone age as part of the mother goddess culture of the Tibetan Plateau that left when the bon religion arose and began to dominate all the cultures.2b

We could not accept their way of thinking which was male dominated, warlike. and rapacious. So we packed up and left our home which was situated beneath Mount Kailash.

We began a journey that took thousands of years and we ended up in Ireland about 2500 years before the Celts. We're the ones that built the New Grange in County Meath.

We will discuss many of the teachings of our ancient lineage. We will discuss health, interaction with other species, how we relate to the modern world. We will share tools that will help all people to integrate their lives in a more productive manner. I will be happy to answer any and all questions about the ancient wisdom.

I want to share with you what my mother taught me and how it has made my life more full, more exciting, and more willing to share. Join me to experience the blessings of the Mother Goddess Gaea, and your life will expand through these blessings which are joy, love, peace, prosperity, abundance, radiant good health, and  LOTSA FUN!!!

The first half hour will be devoted to ancient wisdom, and the second half hour will be open for callers. If you would like to know what your birth card is, call in with your month and day of birth and I will tell you your card and a brief description of who you are! This is a glad free gift of Love!

You are invited to share an adventure that leads to a new awareness of our great Earth Mother known as Gaea. As you make the journey from inside your heart and travel out through Gaia's door, you will feel growth and experience change.